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Google Adwords Management

Pay-per-click (PPC) or Cost-per-click (CPC) advertising yields instant traffic on your website by ranking you very high on internet search engines for keyword terms.
AdWords is one of the most effective digital PPC or CPC advertising vehicles because Google itself accounts for over two-thirds of global internet searches. With our AdWords management services we can help place your website in prominent views of internet searches. Google Adword campaigns help complement your other existing SEO campaigns. In truth, keen competition for quality keywords has really made PPC more integral to digital marketing strategies.

Google-branded results and ads occupy a prime place on many high volumes, 'money-keyword' searches. We combine strategies that balance a large number of high-quality keywords, combined with appearances on search engine result pages to help your campaigns be more effective and lower-cost PPC.

Building AdWords accounts from scratch is daunting, energy-sapping, and can make even capable business owners want to panic. Without gainsaying it, managing AdWords accounts is even more challenging.

Using AdWords alone for AdWords management-without assistance with bidding strategy, ad copy optimization, or a proper campaign structure- can easily become a horrifying experience if you don't seek professional guidance. In many cases, the guidance may mean outsourcing the job to highly experienced internet marketers; in others, it could come from software that makes keyword searches, determine the best campaign structure, and make strategic bidding manageable.

Regardless of the options, you choose to pursue, a good AdWords management company like Rank for Local will provide the expertise and solution you need.

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Google AdWords Campaign Management

Attaining the top spot in business is tough but maintaining that top spot is even more challenging. This raises the question of how to perform consistently. Now, although there are many ways to market your business but marketing it online is the best way. This would require some great set of tools along with unique strategies. Google AdWords is the best tool for advertising your business online.

In this article, we will discuss Google AdWords and some of its management techniques which would help your ads attract the perfect customers for your business. Along with this, you will also get an insight into the full potential of this incredible platform.


What does Google AdWords Management include?

As described, the Google AdWords management tool is used by business owners to display ads and attract customers for their business. For example, putting an attractive ad for a bakery shop on Google will lead the user to your website after he or she clicks on it.

As we have an idea about what Google AdWords management tool is, the next question that pops up is how can we develop and manage our campaign using Google AdWords. 

Below are some techniques that can be undertaken in order to get the best out of your AdWords management campaign:

Choose a good target location

Running a successful Google AdWords campaign requires choosing areas where you want to advertise and which area will have potential customers. For example, if you are having a seafood business, you need to target your ads in the areas which are near the coast. This will help you get more potential customers.


Building small and focussed ads

Your ads represent your business and as the number of words is limited in an ad, you need to design it in a way that would instantly capture the user’s eye. Moreover, it should have enough content with appropriate keywords to stimulate the user’s interest in it.

Have a planned bidding strategy

If you want to get maximum profit out of your ads, you need to know how to manage your budget. This requires you to decide the cost that you pay when someone clicks on your ad. This is called CPC (cost per click). You can implement various strategies like enhanced cost per click, manual CPC bidding, target search page location, etc. as per your campaign.

Link account with Google Analytics

Connecting your AdWords account with Google analytics will help know the number of customers that actually landed on your website through your ad. It will also show you the activity on your website which will help you in improving your ad campaign if required. By doing this, you will be ready to serve your users better next time.


Make highly optimized landing pages

Whenever a user searches something on the internet, they have a question in their mind which needs to be answered. Keeping this in mind, your ads should be accurate to the user’s intent.  After clicking on the ad, the page that appears in front of them decides if that user is going to buy your products or services or not. By this, we can interpret that the landing page should be attractive and should include the exact information as your ad. Ensure that the user gets the answer, he or she was searching for.


Review reports

Google AdWords generates various reports on the basis of your ad campaign. One of the essential reports is the search term report. This report provides an insight into the performance of an ad, how that ad was triggered, what search term was used, etc. By carefully studying this report, we can get a hold on the flaws of our ad and may even get some better ideas to develop great ones. This is an important step required to be implemented in any ad campaign process.

Study the audience

The key to a good AdWord campaign is knowing about your audience. In the Google AdWord Platform, we can now target our ads to a specific segment of the audience, For example, the ads can be targeted to the audience with specific buying habits, interests, those who have visited the website before, actively searching for the type of product, etc. This targeting of ads will lead to an increase in clicks and hence sales.

Ad extensions

Along with the development of the Google AdWords platform, Google has also introduced some great extensions. These extensions provide additional information and facilities to the user along with the ad. It is highly recommended that you should include all the extensions within your ad campaign so that ads are dynamic and produce high CTR (click-through rate). Callout extensions, promotion extensions, call extensions, message extensions, location extensions, price extensions, etc are some of the popular Google extensions.

Keep testing and studying User experience

The best way to run a business successfully is by testing new things. Along with this, customer experience should also be taken into account. With Google AdWords keep testing new techniques by changing parameters in your Google AdWords account. This will lead to self-improvement. Another aspect to consider is user experience, keep a check on user behavior. Based on that only you can make changes to your ad campaign.

Cross-platform optimization

As everyone today owns a smartphone, it becomes very much important to optimize your ads so that they can be clearly viewed across all devices. Doing this will not only increase your user base but also help in boosting sales.


Why chose Rank for Local for AdWords management services?

As we have gone through all the essential techniques required for a successful Google AdWords campaign. It is pretty clear that running and managing a Google AdWords management account is a daunting task. Doing everything including making a bidding strategy, making a campaign structure, etc will become a nightmare without any professional help. That's where Rank for Local comes into the picture. Rank for Local employs state of art strategies that are effective and also cost you low CPC (Cost per click). 

Fundamentals of Google AdWords Management

+Aligning Your Sales Funnel and Value Proposition
AdWords permits you to effectively target prospects at all levels on the sales funnel. For example, someone searching for "Asics Ghost size 12" conveys more intent to purchase than another person searching for "running shoes".In addition, it's important to align the value proposition (which is that thing you're willing to offer in exchange for sales or information).
+Testing Everything
A to B testing (or comparing different versions of a landing page or an ad to determine the better performer) should be continuous. Always have 2 active pieces of copy in ad groups and try new landing pages constantly so as not to stagnate your account performance.
+Adapting to The Audience
You can't pay for all clicks from everyinternet user on earth. Physical location, timing, and demographics all play significant roles in determining who you should target in digital marketing. Test new methods regularly and pair them with right messaging.
Structure and organization is very crucial to AdWords optimization campaigns. Without a concise account structure and well-laid strategies, improvement won't be possible. You can't build a good home on a poor foundation. It will crumble! Also, lower costs and better quality scores are only gotten from well-crafted ad groups with strategic, semantically related keywords.
+Identify the Competition
Knowing your competitors is important to winning a race. Identifying who you're up against will help you tailor the ad copy appropriately. You could get a good idea about the competition by Googling keywords or using third-party tools. Always try to stand out on SERPs in order to increase your visibility and conversions invariably.
+Manage Bids Strategically
Setting initial bids can be quite easy. Managing bids is, however, tasking. It's imperative to know how to maximize your Return-On-Investment (ROI), Quality Score as well as value proposition. You can do this just by making the appropriate bids to determine where your money is heading to and get value for it.
+Expanding With More Platforms
After getting satisfaction from the performance of your AdWords account, you can start looking for new platforms to advertise both your products and/or services.
Facebook and Bing should be the logical next places. However, both platforms are as complex as Google AdWords. You need expert guidance in this regard to take such a great leap in a calculated way to avoid wasteful spending and generate more leads. And this may be all it takes to stay profitable and remain in business.
Even though the Search Network may be suitable for unrefined targeting, Display has become an effective means of exposing your brand to new prospects and really get them intimated by the upper echelon of the sales funnel.
With various alternatives that allow you serve ads copy across over 2 million internet sites and also Gmail inboxes, Display is now the most logical step to take after optimization.
+Leverage on Remarketing
Even if you're driving millions of traffic to your website or blog, not every single click would convert. Re-marketing will not only allow you to alter the offering, but also tailor it to the right visitors who have taken particular actions on your site. Marketing to sparking new audiences is invaluable and nurturing prospects already familiar with your brands is even better.

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